Convention on Information and Legal Co-operation concerning "Information Society Services"

(ETS No. 180)

Open for signature by the member States of the Council of Europe, the non-member States which have participated in its elaboration and the European Union, in Moscow, on 4 October 2001.

Entry into force: After the expression of their consent to be bound by five signatories, of which at least one is not a member State of the European Economic Area.

Summary of the treaty

The aim of this Convention, which was prepared in close cooperation with the European Commission, is to set up a legal information and co-operation system in the area of new communication services, extending the application of Directive 98/48/EC beyond the borders of the European Union. It will enable the Council of Europe to act as a clearing-house for draft legislation in the field of "Information Society Services", in order to provide a harmonised approach to the regulation of on-line services at the pan-European level.