Convention on Insider Trading

(ETS No. 130)

Open for signature by the member States of the Council of Europe, in Strasbourg, on 20 April 1989.

Entry into force: 1 October 1991.

Summary of the treaty

The Convention provides for mutual assistance through the exchange of information between those responsible at national level for the surveillance of stock exchange transactions in order to discover and identify as rapidly as possible the preparation of irregular operations of insider trading.

Parties may, by simple declaration, extend this mutual assistance machinery to the search for those responsible for other irregular deals which could adversely affect equal access to information for all stock market traders or the quality of the information supplied to investors in order to ensure honest dealing (fraudulent financial operations, "rigging" of stock market prices, "laundering" of the proceedings of crime, etc.).

The Parties undertake to afford each other the widest measure of mutual assistance in criminal matters relating to offences involving insider trading.