European Outline Convention on Transfrontier Co-operation between Territorial Communities or Authorities

(ETS No. 106)

Open for signature by the member States of the Council of Europe, in Madrid, on 21 May 1980.

Entry into force: 22 December 1981.

Summary of the treaty

The Convention is intended to encourage and facilitate the conclusion of cross-border agreements between local and regional authorities within the scope of their respective powers. Such agreements may cover regional development, environmental protection, the improvement of public services, etc., and may include the setting up of transfrontier associations or consortia of local authorities.

To allow for variations in the legal and constitutional systems in the Council of Europe's member States, the Convention sets out a range of model agreements to enable both local and regional authorities as well as States to place transfrontier co-operation in the context best suited to their needs.

Under the Convention, Parties undertake to seek ways of eliminating obstacles to transfrontier co-operation and to grant to authorities engaging in international co-operation the facilities they would enjoy in a purely national context.