European Convention for the Protection of Animals kept for Farming Purposes

(ETS No. 087)

Open for signature by the member States of the Council of Europe and by the European Union, in Strasbourg, on 10 March 1976.

Entry into force: 10 September 1978.

Summary of the treaty

The Convention applies to animals bred or kept for the production of food, wool, skin or fur or for other farming purposes. It concerns in particular animals in intensive stock-farming systems.

The protection guaranteed by the Convention aims to avoid unnecessary suffering or injury, having regard to the condition of housing, food or administered care. To preserve well-being of animals, the Convention imposes on Parties the obligations to inspect the condition and state of health of animals and the technical equipment used in intensive stock-farming systems.

The Convention establishes Standing Committee which monitors its application. The Committee is responsible for the elaboration and adoption of the recommendations to the Parties, to express an advisory opinion, to facilitate a friendly settlement of any difficulty which may arise between Parties concerning the implementation of this Convention and to submit to the Committee of Ministers a report on its work and on the functioning of the Convention.