Convention on the Liability of Hotel-keepers concerning the Property of their Guests

(ETS No. 041)

Open for signature by the members of the Council of Europe, in Paris on 17 December 1962.

Entry into force: 15 February 1967.

Summary of the treaty

This Convention sets out detailed provisions under which hotel-keepers are liable for the property of their guests. The liability of the hotel-keeper is engaged for any damage to or destruction or loss of property brought to the hotel by any guest who stays at the hotel and has sleeping accommodation put at his/her disposal. This liability is limited to the equivalent of 3 000 gold francs (Art. 1 of the Annex). However, the liability of hotel-keepers is unlimited where the property has been deposited with them or where they have refused to receive property which they are bound to receive for safe custody.

The Convention prescribes that Parties can, under some conditions, limit the liability of the hotel-keeper.

The principles set out in the Annex are not applied to vehicles, any property left with a vehicle, or live animals.