European Agreement on the Exchange of Therapeutic Substances of Human Origin

(ETS No. 026)

Open for signature by the Members of the Council of Europe, in Paris on 15 December 1958.

Entry into force: 1 January 1959.

Summary of the treaty

The Agreement aims to ensure mutual assistance between Parties in the supply of therapeutic substances of human origin should the need arise. The expression "therapeutic substances of human origin" refers to human blood and its derivatives.

This Agreement allows those Parties which have sufficient stocks for their own needs to make therapeutic substances of human origin available to other Parties who are in urgent need of them.

The therapeutic substances of human origin are available to the other Parties subject to the express condition that no profit is made on them, they shall be used solely for medical purposes and shall be delivered only to bodies designated by the governments concerned. These substances are exempt from all import duties.

The therapeutic substances of human origin shall be accompanied by a certificate to the effect that they were prepared in accordance with the specifications in the Protocol to the Agreement.

The Additional Protocol (ETS No. 109), opened for acceptance by the Contracting Parties to the Agreement, in Strasbourg, on 1 March 1983 and entered into force on 1 January 1985, provides for the accession of the European Union to the Agreement by signing it.