European Convention on the Equivalence of Periods of University Study

(ETS No. 021)

Open for signature by the Members of the Council of Europe, in Paris on 15 December 1956.

Entry into force: 18 September 1957.

Summary of the treaty

The Convention aims at securing that periods of study spent by a student of modern languages in a university of a Party are recognised as equivalent in the students' home country. In addition, unilateral or bilateral agreements should determine the conditions under which all examinations passed by a student during his period of study abroad can be considered as equivalent to examinations passed in his home country.

Parties to the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region (ETS No. 165) undertook to abstain from becoming a Party to this Convention to which they are not already a Party (see Article XI.4 of ETS No. 165).