Annexes to the Supplementary Agreement for the application of the European Convention on Social Security

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Annexes to the Convention
Supplementary Agreement

This text was prepared according to the decision taken by the European Social Security Committee (CDSS) during its 37th Meeting (21-24 May 1991), decision of which the Committee of Ministers took note during the 461st meeting of the Ministers' Deputies in September 1991:

"40. Consequently, the CDSS instructed the Secretariat to prepare and publish at appropriate intervals the text of the official annexes containing the text adopted by the Committee of Ministers in 1972, and modified by the Committee of Ministers in 1977, as amended since only by the Contracting Parties to the Convention. In this document the distinction between the annexes relating to Contracting Parties to the Convention and those relating to other member States, unchanged since the Convention was drafted, should be clearly drawn."

For this purpose, appendices relating to Parties are typed in bold, the others are in small characters.

Annexes to the Supplementary Agreement to the European Convention on Social Security

Annex 1

– Competent Authorities

Annex 2

– Competent Institutions

Annex 3

– Institutions of the place of residence and institutions of the place of temporary residence

Annex 4

– The Liaison Bodies

Annex 5

– Provisions of arrangements remaining in force

Annex 6

– Banking Institutions

Annex 7

– Institutions designated by the Competent Authorities of the Contracting Parties