Annex III to the European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance
   List of documents recognised as affording proof of residence, referred to in article 11 of the Convention

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Alien's identity card or certificate of entry in the Register of Aliens or residence card issued to nationals of an EEC member State.


- Certificate of residence permit.
- Certificat of residence and work permit.
- Residence permit or residence and work permit implied in passport.
- EC/EEA residence certificate.


- Alien's "carte de séjour".
- The French Government considers that any national of a Contracting Party present in French territory, even in transit, meets the lawful presence requirement stated in Article 1 of the Convention.


- Residence authorisation pursuant to paragraph 5 of the Aliens Act of 9 July 1990, conferred by a separate paper or by a reference in the identity document.
- Residence authorisations for nationals of EEC Member States.
-Request for residence authorisation, substantiated by an appropriate certificate or by a reference in the identity document: "Registered as an alien".


The document accepted as proof of the status of aliens is, generally, the passport. Aliens who become established in Greece are furnished with identity cards by the Aliens Office within a month of arrival. In all other cases aliens receive a residence permit.


Certificate drawn up in accordance with the list of aliens kept by the Immigration authorities, or Certificate drawn up in accordance with the Census Register.


Endorsement of the Department of Justice on passports or on travel documents and notations on police registration certificates by police of such endorsements.


Certificates of civil status accompanied by various other supporting documents including one or more identity certificates worded in the usual form.


Alien's Identity Card.


Endorsement on passport or residence permit.


a  Temporary residence permit.
b  Residence card issued to nationals of EEC member States.
c  Permanent residence permit.
d  Residence permit issued indefinitely ex art. 10, para 2 of the Aliens Act.


Extract from the Register of Aliens.


- Chapter V of Order in Council No 60/93, of 3 March 1993, listing the residence permits to be issued to individuals described in Article 3 of the above-mentioned Order in Council.
- Regulation No 43/93, of 15 December 1993, in so far as it is not in opposition with the provisions of the Order in Council no. 244/98 of 8 August 1998, on the entry, stay, exit and expulsion of foreigners into and from the national territory.
- Chapter VII, Articles 80 to 89 of Order in Council no. 244/98, of 8 August 1998, with the modifications introduced by the Order in Council no. 97/99, of 26 July 1999, on the residence authorization in Portugal.
- Article 6, paragaph 2, of Law no. 15.98, of 26 March 1998, and Article 61 of Order in Council no. 244/98, of 8 August 1998, on the documents proving that an individual is a refugee.


- Residence permit recorded in the passport or identity document issued by the Provincial Civil Governor.
- Decree No. 522 of 14 February 1974.
- Royal Decree No. 1775 of 24 July 1981.
- Residence permit and work permit in one document.
- Royal Decree No. 1031 of 3 May 1980.
- Document delivered in conformity with Order of 16 May 1979, provisional regulations relating to the recognition in Spain of the status of refugee.


Residence Permit.


Alien's Residence Permit.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

An endorsement in the passport or other travel document; a residence permit issued to nationals of EEC member States; or a police certificate of registration.