Supplementary Agreement amending certain provisions of the General Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Europe

Paris, 18.III.1950


The Council of Europe and the Government of the French Republic,

Whereas it is necessary to define the privileges and immunities to which the Council of Europe shall be entitled in French territory in respect of indirect taxes;

Whereas they wish to conclude an agreement supplementary to the General Agreement on Privileges and Immunities in accordance with Article 20 of this General Agreement,

Have designated as their representatives for this purpose:

for the Council of Europe,

Mr J.-C. PARIS, Secretary General of the Council of Europe,


for the Government of the French Republic,

His Excellency Mr R. SCHUMAN, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

who have agreed as follows:

Article 1

Notwithstanding the fact that the Council of Europe does not in principle claim exemption from excise duties and sales taxes included in the price of furniture and premises, in cases where it makes for its official use major purchases the price of which includes duties and taxes of this kind, the French Government shall, wherever possible, take appropriate administrative measures for the reduction or refund of the amount of these duties and taxes.

Article 2

This Agreement shall come into force from the date of signature.

In witness whereof the respective representatives, duly authorised, have signed this Agreement.

Done at Paris, this 18th day of March 1950.