List of declarations made with respect to treaty No. 176

European Landscape Convention

Status as of: 10/10/2015


    Denmark :

Declaration contained in a Note Verbale from the Permanent Representation of Denmark, handed over at the time of deposit of the instrument of ratification on 20 March 2003 - Or. Engl.

Denmark declares that the Convention, in accordance with its Article 15, paragraph 1, until further notice shall not apply to the Faroe Islands and Greenland.
Period covered: 1/3/2004 -      
The preceding statement concerns Article(s) : 15


    Netherlands :

Declaration contained in the instrument of acceptance, deposited on 27 July 2005 - Or. Engl.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands accepts the Convention for the Kingdom in Europe.
Period covered: 1/11/2005 -      
The preceding statement concerns Article(s) : 15


    United Kingdom :

Declaration contained in a letter from the Permanent Representative of the United Kindom deposited with the instrument of ratification, on 21 November 2006 - Or. Engl.

In accordance with Article 15 of the Convention, the Government of the United Kingdom declares that the United Kingdom will initially apply the Convention to the metropolitan area of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Period covered: 1/3/2007 -      
The preceding statement concerns Article(s) : 15

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